Here's a video that Jill, my multi-talented crew member, produced of the 2012 sail north, May 27-June 4. We made very good time with fair winds almost the whole way, encountering 5-10 kts of NE winds just the last few hours of the trip. We made landfall at Jamestown, RI, at 1:30 am, June 4th. As we picked up a mooring, the wind began to howl (25-30 kts), the beginning of a 3-day nor'easter. Our timing couldn't have been better after 7 days and nights at sea.

Ananda will be at the Jamestown Boatyard until August '12 having her bottom "peeled" to rid her of osmotic blisters. About 1/8" of fiberglass will be removed then new fiberglass and Vinylester resin sprayed back on with a final barrier coat of epoxy.